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Whilst the information presented and views expressed in the Website have been prepared in good faith, EC does not provide any guarantee as to their correctness and completeness, nor it accepts

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EC may modify at any time the Websiteʼs contents without notice.

Disclaimer The infomtation contained in the Website are for information purposes and do not constitute (nor

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The infiammino contained in the Website are of a general commercial nature: no one should act

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The drawings and pictures contained in the Website are for illustrative purposes only and do not

necessarily reflect the sizes or features of the portrayed products. Blog

Anyone registering or contributing to the weblog of the Website (the “Blog”) must be at least 18

years of age. By registering or contributing, you represent that you are at least 18-years old.

The opinions and other contents posted in the Blog are those of their authors and do not reflect the opinions of EC. EC assumes no responsibility or liability for these opinions and contents.

Your contributions and comments posted on the Blog must be consistent with the values of EC and must comply with applicable laws. You cannot contribute or post messages or other content that is abusive, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, in violation of applicable laws or offensive to other users.

By contributing to the Blog, you represent to have the necessary rights to use the materials,

communications or other infomiation provided to or displayed on the Blog.

EC does not monitor every content posted on the Blog and cannot prevent users from placing prohibited content on the Blog. lf you display inappropriate material, please notify EC


In case that, when registering to the Blog, you decide to publish your name, email address or other personali data, you expressly release EC from any liability in such respect.

EC has the right to remove any cnntents posted on the Blog without notice to the contributor. Privacy Policy

This document provides you with all infiammino needed to understand how EC collects data which may identify the Website’s users (the “Data”).

1. Data hoider

The holder ofite Data is EC S.p.A., Via F usati 12, 20144 Milano, italy.

EC may appoint certain persons or entities that will also process the Data for purposes which are strictly connected to the performance of services on the Website in compliance with data protection law, including the security measures.

At present, `Data may be processed also by Newtarget Web S.r.l. for the housing and maintenance of EC servers and Website.

You may write to [PRIVACYQCOSTUMENATIONALCOM]in orderto receive an up-to-date list of

data processors. 3. Purposes of Data collection

EC will collect and process Data for purposes strictly connected to the use ofite Website.

In particular, Data may be processed for the following purposes:

when you register with the Website and/or the Blog, EC may collect the Data (for example, your personal details, user ID and password, email address, gender, age, and any other information you will decide to provide) through the relevant registration form and process the Data in order to provide you with access to resewed areas of the Website and/or of the Blog and to allow you to enter into competitions;

EC may collect the Data (for example, your address, email address or phone number) in

order to send by email, post or other electronic means (such as text or multimedia

messages) its newsletter (if provided) and/or other materials or information, if you expressly requested so;

when you register with the Website and/or submit contents for the publication on the Blog, EC may process the Data in order to manage your registration, to operate the Blog and to trace its contents, as well as to publish on the Blog the Data in relation to which you gave

your consent to make it public (for example, your name, your image, your comments, your email address),

The Data are mostly processed by electronic means and in some circumstances by paper-based means, when, for example, the processing of the Data are required in order to prevent frauds.

The Data shall be stored in a way which allows EC to identify you for the period that is strictly

necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected and subsequently processed and, in any case, in accordance with applicable law.

Please report any modification or amendment of the Data to

PRlVACY@QOSTQMENATlONAL.COM] in order to ensure that the Data are always accurate

and updated and adequate.

The Data snail not be disclosed to third parties for purposes which are not permitted by law or without your consent.

The Data may be disclosed to the police or to judicial authorities, pursuant to law, for example in the event EC needs to prevent frauds on me Website. Data processors will also have access to the Data for the specific purposes stated in this document ln all the above circumstances, your consent will not be required.

The Data will not be transferred abroad to non-EU countries, which do not ensure an adequate

level of protection of individuals.

EC shall process the Data for marketing purposes, also by email and telephone, only with your consent

3. What happens if you do not provide the Data

The Dataesupplied to EC (in particular, your personal details, your email address, your address, and your telephone number) are necessary only to access the Blog and/or to register with the

Website and/or to receive other services on the Website.

Should you refuse to provide EC with some of the Data EC may be prevented from providing you with access to the Blog and/or from registering you with the Website and/or from providing you with other services on the Website, such as delivering the newsletter and/or other materials or

information you requested or posting materials on the Blog.

On the contrary, disclosure of further Data to EC, other than those required in order to provide the services required, is optional and does not have any effect on the use of the Website and of its


ln the Data collection forms, you will be informed whether the Data you are disclosing to EC are necessary or optional in relation to the functions of the Website.

4. Data Disclosure

The Data may be disclosed to third parties which, on behalf of EC and upon being appointed as Data Processors, provide the services of the Website provided that such purpose does not exceed

the purposes for which the Data were collected and subsequently processed and, in any case, according to applicable laws and regulations.

The Data will not be disclosed to third parties or disseminated or transferred, without previously

informing You and without your consent, when required bylaw.

5. Data collection on the website

When you are using the Website, some Data may be collected automatically (through the so·called “cookies”), such as your IP addresses and other information regarding your data trafhc or your preferences in the choice of services provided on the Website the services provided.

The Website will collect such Data and information directly and automatically as part of its

operational functions. Such Data and information will then be processed in a collective and anonymous way for commercial purposes in order to optimise the services provided on the Website for the needs and preferences of the Website’s users.

ln other circumstances, EC directly collects Data and information from its users when they register

on-line with the Website or the Blog.

EC may collects Data on each individual who is interested in working with EC, in the specific recruitment area, where each user may access and provide his/her data for recruitment purposes. EC will process such data only for the above purposes, according to applicable laws.

EC reserves the right to eliminate without notice all registrations’ accounts and their relevant information in case of content that is illicit, or damaging to EC’s image and/or of its products or third

parties, or promoting illegal or defamatory activities, or containing pornographic content or inducing

violence or promotes racial, sexual, or religious discrimination.

6. Data Protection

EC adopted security measures to protect Data against accidental or unlawful destruction,

accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, and against all other forms of

processing which are unlawful or non consistent with the purposes set out in this document.

Nevertheless, EC cannot guarantee that the security measures adopted for the protection of the Website and for data and information transmission on the Website will prevent or exclude any risk

of unauthorised access or of loss of data. You must protect your computer and the inboundloutbound Data transmission adopting, for example, updated antivirus, firewalls, anti spyware, anti-spam systems.

7. Cookies

The Website uses automatic systems of data collection, such as cookies. A cookie is a device transmitted to the hard disk of an latente usen it does not contain intelligible information but it allows linking between an internet user to his/her personal information provided by the user on the Website. Cookies are disseminated by our sewers and no one may gain access to the information contained therein. Only EC processes information collected by cookies, in a collective and anonymous way, in order to optimise its services and the Website for the needs and preferences of its users.

latente browsers allow the removal of cookies after each session. Your latente browser contains

instructions on how remove the cookies.

The acceptance of automatic procedures of collection of data and the use of cookies are necessary for the use of the Website and its services. lf you have removed cookies, EC cannot ensure that all web pages ofite Website will be displayed or that certain services will be supplied.

8. Opt-inIOpt out

EC processes the Data only after receiving your consent in order to send you advertising or

marketing material and other commercial communications, also via email or other electronic means (such as text or multimedia messages), other than those communication you requested (such as, for example, the transmission of the newsletter or posting messages on the Blog).

Each time your consent is required, we will inform you and we will give you the option to either

provide or refuse your consent for the use of the Data.

We wish to inform you that law provides that your consent is not necessary when the Data processing is required by law or due by contract.

In any case, you may at any time require not to receive any communication connected to particular services on demand, such as for example the newsletter.

9. Right to access Data and other rights

You are entitled to obtain, at any time, confirmation from EC as to whether or not Data relating to you are being processed, even if such Data are not registered yet, and their communication in an intelligible form.

Moreover, you are entitled to receive from EC information on the source ofite Data; the purposes and way of processing the Data; the logic involved in any electronic Data protection; details ofite

data controller and of the Data processors and the names of subjects and categories of subjects to whom the Data may be disclosed or who may access the Data like, for example, the names of Data processors. You can easily find all of the above information in this document.

You are entitled to obtain at any time from EC:

a) the updating, rectification or, when you have an interest in, the integration of the Data;

b) the deletion, the transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of the Data unlawfully

processed, including Data which does not need to be stored for the purposes for which they have been collected and subsequently processed;

c) the confirmation that the operations under letters a) and b) have been reported, (together with the contents of the same), to whom the Data were disclosed or disseminated, except when it

becomes impossible or if it means exceeding the protection ofite relevant right.

You are entitled to object, in all or in part:

a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of the Data, even if it is related to the purposes for which it was collected;

b) toghe processing of the Data for advertising or direct marketing purposes or in order to carry out

marketing researches or commercial communications.

You may freely and at any time exercise your rights, in compliance with applicable laws, by

sending your request to EC at the following email address PRlVACY@COSTUMENATlONAL.COM

10. Links to Other Web Sites The Website may contain links to other websites which may have no connection with the Website

or with EC.

EC does not control or monitor such Websites or their web content. EC shall not be held liable for

the web content of such sites and for the rules adopted by them in respect of your privacy and the processing ofite Data while you are visiting those Websites.

The Website provides links to other websites exclusively to help its users in their searches and net surfing activities and to allow links to other Websites on the intente. When EC provides links to other Websites, EC dos not recommend the use of these Websites and does not provide any guarantee as to their content or the services and products supplied and sold by these Websites.

11. Contacts

For further information on our privacy policy, please contact us at our email address PRlVACY@COSTUMENATIONAL.COM) or at EC S.p.A., Via Fustelli 12, 20144 Milano, Italy Italy.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction

This Data are processed pursuant to the Italian Personal Data Protection Code (Decree no. 196 of


ln any case, the use of the Site and of the Blog is govemed by the laws of italy. Any dispute

concimino the use ofite Site and of the Blog shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the

Courts of Milan (Italy).