Susie Bubble

An Exclusive Video Interview

An exclusive video interview with the person behind the blog

The guest of the month – CoNscious‘s first – is one of the most prominent fashion bloggers around today, the very English Susie Lau (I’m proud to be a Londoner, she likes to say), in art Susie Bubble.

“I was given that name at primary school because I tended to live in a world of my own, in a bubble” says Lau.

Susie has made a name for herself in the fashion world, transforming that congenial “bubble” in which she also nurtured a real passion for fashion into a blog founded in 2006,, where she has managed to find – and perhaps this is the key to her success – the right balance between images and texts, a personal approach and more critical content.

Susie is a multi-faceted personality whose web dimension fits like a glove but which is perhaps a little restrictive: she loves travelling, experimenting, discovering new worlds linked to fashion, art, and lifestyle and recounting them with a personal touch.

Her smile, which veils the seriousness typical of people who live and work with passion, never fades.

An approach which we at Costume National appreciate and which we believe is very close to our way of doing things.

This is why we went to London to meet Susie, who gave us an appointment at one of her favourite pubs, and talk about her blog, her past, her history, her relationship with fashion and with the traditional media.


Videointerview shot by Emanuele D’Angelo – Editing by Giulia Venturini and Matteo Duranti