The power of Ideas

Richard Fearless & Ennio Capasa

Two sides of the rock world met one afternoon in Milan: Ennio Capasa, creative director of Costume National and Richard Fearless, front man of Death in Vegas. The similarities between the two are multiple; both men are followers of contemporary rock and hungry observers of everyday life who constantly seek new stimuli and believe that the arts should unite in a global language.

The designer from the renowned fashion house has always drawn inspiration from the music industry in order to design new urban silhouettes and reinterpret the past, and his meeting with Richard Fearless confirms this leitmotiv.
In fact, this exceptional interlocutor is no other than the man behind Death in Vegas, a band-project that since 1994 has chosen to invent a different sound for each album thanks to its cross genre experimental mix of rock and electronic music. Ennio Capasa immediately fell in love with this ability to mutate: the work in progress music created by Richard draws on a rich past lived in overlapping worlds (born in Africa, he grew up in England and is now a New Yorker by adoption), but also from fixed milestones since its sound DNA is built on the matrix of the Velvet Underground and the Stooges. As a composer of soundtracks for cult films (like Lost in Translation), video maker and photographic reportage creator, Richard’s creativity meets that of Ennio Capasa: the result is a dialogue on the power of ideas.

Part OneNever without…?

Ziggy Stardust and a leather jacket: a dialogue between Ennio Capasa and Richard Feareless that, between albums and cult fashion items, recounts how an affinity for rock and contemporary life is born. For the designer of Costume National, David Bowie’s album is the soundtrack of a lifetime, while a sleeveless leather vest is the uniform of Death in Vegas’ front man: essential pieces for the comfort zones of two creative masters.


Part Two: The DNA of Rock

The avant-garde rock of yesterday and today’s contemporary rock: the relationship between music and fashion continues to create a style icon. From the Velvet Underground, who influenced a young Richard Fearless, to the vision of Ennio Capasa, rock has always been a source of natural style.