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Xense has an upper 5 times more breathable than a standard Costume National footwear. The extra-large perforations, 7mm, in the sole combined with the full-size membrane, enhance breathability 2 times more than in the standard Costume National footwear providing high levels of performance, even in the hottest climates. A special layer protects feet from sharp objects – even in the perforated areas of the sole – without impeding the escape of excess heat through the sole itself.

With a weight of just 225g, XENSE offers an incomparable feeling of freedom, allowing you to walk naturally, with ease in complete comfort.

The soft, flexible upper molds to the contours of your foot and continually adapts to movements, ensuring a high degree of versatility. The flexible “anatomic” sole allows natural roll in stride, letting feel the ground almost as walking barefoot.

Made of abrasion-resistant rubber + EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), the sole has a unique design that features deep grooves to ensure an optimum grip on any surface.


The membrane is made of a microporous material breathable, waterproof and characterized by 1.4 billion pores/cm2. The pore diameter is 700 times higher than the one of the molecule of water vapor, allowing thus the evacuation of sweat, and 20,000 times smaller than that of the drop of water, guaranteeing a total impermeability of the membrane even when subjected to extreme pressures greater than 10 atm (equivalent to 100m of water column).


The outsole is made of a material with high abrasion resistance
The extra-large perforations, 7mm, ensure an excellent compromise between the protection against the penetration by sharp objects and the maximum breathability of the sole
The protective polyester layer is characterized by high resistance to penetration with a thickness of 0.8-0.9 mm
Xense is also the official track shoe of Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team