Art Of Elysium - FW15 Collection


The work on CoSTUME NATIONAL Pre-fall 2015 collection, started right after Marina asked Ennio Capasa to participate to the Art of Elysium event in Los Angeles, giving his contribute to her vision of Haven, “a state of consciousness where light and dark met”. The abstract interplay of light and dark is one of CoSTUME NATIONAL signature elements, a theme that Ennio Capasa has explored in several collection. Since the beginning, CoSTUME NATIONAL has distinguished itself for its deconstruction, sleekly architectural silhouettes and conceptual engagement with masculine-feminine energies.
This collection is very faithful to those strong elements of the Brand. For the look book shooting, Ennio Capasa imagined fallen angels situated on the roof of the hangar where the happening took place the night before, like they escaped from the dark to the light, dominating LA in timeless outfits that show the CoSTUME NATIONAL rock n roll minimal attitude at his deepest level.